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Kiev Pub Crawl

Pub crawl Kiev
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At night the pubs and bars in Kiev come alive and are great meeting and socialising places for foreigners and locals who mix together in total harmony. Everyone has the same goal - to have a great night out!
Our very friendly lady guide will take you around the most festive pubs and in the price we will also throw in some free beer for you.

Kiev pubs
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Kiev Bar Walks

Kiev Bar Walks
Kreschatik Street is the main street that runs through Kiev and on it are numerous lovely bars and restaurants. Our lady guide will show you around the most popular of these, stopping off to have a cocktail or beer in each. A table reservation in a top bar would have already been made for you in advance where you can order a delicious meal of either European or Ukrainian cuisine

Kiev Nightclub Visit

Kiev nightclub tours
Kiev nightclubs

Accompanied by one of our extremely friendly and helpful guides we will take you to a very festive leading nightclub in Kiev. Everything would have been prearranged and all you have to do is to thoroughlly enjoy yourself which we assure you will do.

Night Sightseeing Tours Around Kiev
Kiev night time sightseeing tours
Kiev at night

Kiev is very spectacular at night and all the major sights take on a another dimension. Our knowledgable and extremely guide will show you around all the lovely sites in central Kiev, for example, Indpendence Square, Golden Gate, and the Cathedrals. Our 4 hour Kiev evening tour is an ideal way to see Kiev as you stroll around in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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