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Tandem and Static Line Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting near Kiev

Tandem Parachuting
On the outskirts of Kiev is a glorious little airfield where we can arrange for you to leap out of planes and gracefully float back down to earth strapped to a highly experienced and qualified parachuter for an experience of a life time. The Kiev parachuting club is very well established and has a very good international reputation and safety record. On the airfield are also catering facilities

Emotions that parachute jumpers experience are unique and cannot be compared to any other feelings. Short, but euphoric and breathtaking flight and unrehearsed landing make one's heart beat faster, and one realizes how beautiful life is. Those who value the feeling of total freedom, height, speed and like extreme situations will appreciate parachute jumping.
In Kiev, there is a club of those who see the sense of their lives in parachutes and jumping. Kiev Parachuting Club, it possesses its own aerodrome, planes and all the necessary equipment. Experienced instructors will do their best for the beginners to feel safe and self-confident during the first jump. If one wants to try parachute jumping, but does not want to take risk, he or she is welcome to experience a tandem-jump together with instructor who is responsible for the jump. The tandem-jump guarantees maximum pleasure. This kind of jump is a very interesting one, as it allows skipping ground-based trainings, but still a beginner experiences the same emotions, a professional jumper does. The tandem-jump is performed at the height of 4,200 meters. The free flight lasts about 60 seconds before the parachute opening.
Among other services, the Kiev Parachuting Club offers, are jumping with landing parachute, accelerated free fall, sport parachute jumping, demanding profound skills, group jumps, and VIP services, which include jumping any time and any day of the week, under conditions of a plane agenda. Video operator and photographer will record your jump, so that you could enjoy the exciting flight over and over again.

Tandem parachuting kiev
Parachuting aircraft
Parachuting client with instructor

A parachute jump leaves unforgettable memories, and the majority of those who have tried it once long for additional jumps, new releases of adrenalin and new emotions. To become a professional jumper, one needs to study some theory of the parachute sport, pass through several tests and perform a number of jumps. If one does not want to make parachute jumping the meaning of his or her life, still this kind of active rest is very pleasant and attractive.

parachuting adventures in kiev
tandem parachuting Kiev
skydiving in kiev ukraine

Static Line Day Course
After thorough tuition you will have the exciting thrill of jumping out of the plane on your own. This is adrenalin pumping stuff to the highest degree :) Your whole jumping experience can be videoed for you.

08.00 - Collect from your accommodation
09.00 - 10.00 - Registration and briefing
10.00 - 14.00 - Instruction 
14.00 - 15.00 - Static line parachute jump
15.30 - Depart to return to Kiev centre

Full parachuting instruction given
Kiev parachute jumping
Ukraine Parachuting

For many, many years Kiev Stag Weekends have taken adrenalin seeking clients for a "Parachuting Jump" to this very friendly and professionally run parachuting club about an hours drive outside of Kiev. Many of the photos above are of our clients parachute jumping attached to a qualified instructor. Every single client does not stop talking about their thrilling experience all the way back to Kiev in the car when we return them to their Kiev accommodation.

Packing parachutes in Kiev
Kiev parachuting club
Kiev parachuting clubhouse

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