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Hotair Balloon Rides

Hot Balloon Rides Kiev

Flying in a balloon over Kiev - a unique opportunity to see the capital of Ukraine. Familiar places look quite different, flying overhead in a balloon in Kiev. Water park, Paton Bridge, the channel of the Dnieper, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, "Rodina - Mother" - here's a brief list of the attractions that you will see during the flight. Flying in the balloon over Kiev will long remain in your memory, and lovely photos can be taken during the flight.

Ballooning over Kiev includes:
• Ballooning over Kiev, lasting about one hour
• Presentation of a commemorative flight certificate
• Champagne
• The program is designed for 4-5 hours

Hot air balloon rides can be offered in two forms -
* Take off in the centre of Kiev and land wherever the wind go
* Take off in the beautiful countryside outside of Kiev

Kiev Balloons
Balloon Rides Over Kiev

Hotair Ballooning Kiev

Please kindly "contact us" for further details

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